Acurast Announces the Launch of Tezos Native Integration, Expanding Beyond Ghostnet

Zug, Switzerland, October 18th, 2023 —Acurast is a platform that helps disrupt the big tech monopoly in the cloud computing industry with mobile phones.

4 min readOct 18, 2023


Following the successful launch of Canary Phase 1, Acurast is moving from Ghostnet to Mainnet on the Tezos Blockchain. This new integration showcases Acurast’s commitment to providing advanced blockchain services, integrating Web2 and other emerging technologies, and ensuring innovation within the Tezos ecosystem.

About Acurast

The Acurast Universe is a platform and protocol designed to enable Web3 projects and enterprises to realize the full potential of universal interoperability. Acurast serves as the foundation of novel use cases, forming a universe of interconnected worlds and enabling developers to have complete permissionless access to compute that is trustless, affordable, and confidential.

In today’s Web3 space, we can observe some applications are not fully decentralized, and some still operate like a centralized application. For instance, multi-signatures often involve trust in individual parties securing billions of assets in rollups or oracles. This trust also extends to the Web2 space, particularly in cloud computation, where large cloud provider companies (e.g., Google Cloud and AWS) run most of the internet’s backbone, accessing and controlling vast amounts of data.

Acurast setup also includes dedicated mobile devices with robust security primitives. These devices have an inbuilt feature, like a hardware security chip, which is leveraged for the trusted execution environment. These security chips in multiple devices enable us to form a decentralized network of computational resources where anyone can participate with these devices and earn rewards from developers accessing these resources.

Alessandro DeCarli, co-founder of Acurast:

“We’re excited about our Tezos native integration, marking our transition from Ghostnet to Mainnet. This move underscores Acurast’s commitment to pushing boundaries in blockchain solutions and championing the full potential of Web3.”

Michael Mendes, Head of DeFi Partnerships at TriliTech, an adoption hub for the Tezos blockchain:

“Acurast is championing the interoperability narrative furthering a growing need for secure cross-chain communication and, more importantly, they are moving the industry a step closer to connecting traditional finance to the decentralised finance world.”

What does this mean for the Tezos Community?

This will open up the Tezos developer community to a new world of possibilities and strengthen the development of more decentralized applications with amazing use cases within the Tezos ecosystem.

Developers can utilize Acurast based on their defined needs. For instance, developers who wish to build a GameFi application; would require a Verifiable Random Number for determining game outcomes. Similarly, a developer aiming to create DeFi projects can employ Acurast to source price feeds for smart contracts from a centralized exchange.

Examples of projects that have already been using Acurast in the Tezos space include youves, which secures more than 50M worth of assets and utilizes Acurast as an oracle for price feeds. Besides this, Acurast can also be used for Verifiable Randomness — Acurast has already provided 518,000 verifiable randomness resolutions for commonskeles and Tezos Degen Club.

It can help to Secure Web3 Functions by facilitating interactions with EVM, Bitcoin, Substrate, and Tezos blockchains, enabling users to automate on-chain tasks like yield farming, DeFi strategies, limit orders, Uniswap V3 management, NFT acquisitions, and airdrop participation. In essence, empowers versatile on-chain automation.

Acurast can be used for Confidential Data Pipeline: Utilizing a scalable confidential computing infrastructure, we securely crawl, manipulate, aggregate, and feed data to machine learning models, ensuring the utmost privacy and scalability.

Furthermore, Acurast empowers the users to make use of running automation (if this then that)

How the Tezos Community can participate in Acurast

Using the Acurast Console, users have the option to create a Job to get access to off-chain data, computation, cross-chain communication, and more by becoming a Consumer Or they can get started as a Processor by providing computational resources with a mobile device and earn rewards.


Processors are the infrastructure providers of Acurast’s decentralized Execution layer. Leveraging mobile devices and their Trusted Execution Environments to execute the computational requests of Consumers. You can become a Processor in 3 minutes by following this guide and start earning rewards.


These are developers who want off-chain data or computation for their various projects. Data consumers are entities that request and retrieve data or computation from Acurast. The data provided by Acurast can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making decisions, executing transactions, or providing information to other systems or users.

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