Acurast Console — Onboard And Manage Acurast Data Transmitters

The initial version of the Acurast Console has been released, allowing a seamless onboarding process for new Data Transmitters in only 3 minutes. Data Transmitter devices can be monitored and managed with the Acurast Console.

3 min readMar 2, 2023


The release of the Acurast Console sees the first step in simplifying the onboarding process for Data Transmitters, completely removing the need to interact with the Acurast team to be onboarded as a new Data Transmitter moving to a trustless system enabled through self-service.

Onboarding — It’s that easy

If you want to start providing infrastructure for Acurast’s decentralized confidential computing platform, all you need is one of the recommended mobile devices. Head over to and signup with your PolkadotJS Extension, with this account, you will be able to onboard new Data Transmitter devices and manage them.

You can request Acurast Testnet funding in the Console before starting the onboarding flow of a new device. Take your mobile device that will become a dedicated Acurast Data Transmitter and scan the QR code shown in the Console. Your Data Transmitter is setting up within minutes and will be ready to start receiving jobs assigned through the Acurast Marketplace.

What is a Data Transmitter and why would you should setup one soon

The Acurast Data Transmitters are the backbone of the Acurast confidential computing network, providing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) infrastructure that is used by developers for various use cases such as verifiable price feeds, verifiable random numbers, privacy-preserving API calls, and much more.

If you get started and onboard a Data Transmitter to Acurast, you will be able to earn rewards through the Acurast Marketplace, paid by developers requesting your computational resources. As we are currently on the testnet, onboarding now, you might be eligible for token incentives!

Upcoming Acurast Console features

Much more is to come for the Acurast Console, to further simplify the onboarding and managing experience for Data Transmitters.

In the upcoming releases, the Acurast Console will get features such as:

  • Sign in with other wallets such as Talisman, Subwallet, or AirGap
  • Device health, battery, network connection, etc.
  • Status of assigned jobs
  • Activities of the device such as Acurast protocol transactions etc.
  • Acurast Marketplace Reputation

About Acurast

The Next Wave of Web3 is here. A real-world data source built with innovation, ingenuity, and integrity. Acurast transforms data delivery with a multi-chain first application ecosystem where communication is easy, effortless, and accessible. Let’s build… together.

For more information, read Acurast’s documentation here.