Acurast expands to the peaq ecosystem to decentralize cloud computing for DePINs

Acurast will explore outfitting the devices on its cloud computing DePIN with peaq IDs, deploy its data oracle on peaq, and open its off-chain computing layer for real-world apps on peaq to use.

3 min readMar 13, 2024


March 13, 2024 — Acurast, a DePIN platform disrupting the oligopolistic cloud computing ecosystem with mobile hardware by democratizing the cloud, has integrated peaq, the blockchain for real-world applications. As part of this integration, Acurast will deploy its versatile oracle on peaq, offer its off-chain computing layer to peaq-native DePINs as an alternative to centralized cloud services, and tap peaq IDs for the devices on its own DePIN.

The cloud market is booming, expected to exceed $1.2 trillion by 2028, as cloud computation remains the de-facto industry standard for the apps we use in our daily lives. Even Web3 apps aren’t immune to this, with many of them relying on centralized cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services for their hosting and computational needs. However, centralized cloud servers have a variety of drawbacks, from cost and scalability issues to a lack of true ownership and privacy.

Acurast is reimagining cloud computing with its mobile-first DePIN, offering a variety of services, including distributed compute for Web2 and Web3 developers alike, data feeds, and on-demand oracles that can provide data when requested, not at set intervals, like with most Web3 oracles. It is joining the peaq ecosystem as a distributed cloud service provider for DePINs building natively on peaq.

Acurast will deploy its oracle on peaq to provide it with on-demand off-chain data as part of the integration. It will also open its network for DePINs building natively on peaq to enable them to run their off-chain components in a decentralized, Web3 manner. Further on, it will explore outfitting the smartphones on its DePIN to verify the data broadcast by these devices and enable communities to collectively purchase and own devices.

“We are thrilled to be joining the peaq ecosystem, the thriving home of DePINs,” says Alessandro De Carli, Co-Founder of Acurast. “We view distributed cloud computing as a major step toward true decentralization and are looking forward to unlocking this technology for the DePINs on peaq — and tapping peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions for our own DePIN.”

“Web3 cloud computing is a vital service for making dApps and DePINs truly decentralized,” says Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq. “We are thrilled to see Acurast join the peaq ecosystem and are certain that it will create a lot of value for the DePINs on peaq and for the community.”

About peaq

peaq is the blockchain for real-world applications. The peaq layer-1 blockchain enables anyone to build Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) for car-sharing, street-mapping, noise pollution tracking, internet access, and more. On peaq, robots, vehicles, and other connected devices turn into real-world assets (RWAs), independent economic actors providing goods and services in the Economy of Things.

peaq works with industry-leading consortia, such as Gaia-x moveID, a €20+ million project led by Bosch, to co-create the future of smart mobility, energy, connectivity, and other important real-world industries. By empowering everyone to own, govern, and earn from the devices and infrastructure they use, peaq is democratizing abundance in the age of AI-driven automation.

For more information, visit peaq, follow peaq on Twitter for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.

About Acurast

Acurast is the serverless decentralized cloud where anyone can become part of the cloud with their mobile phone, whether new, used, or even with a smashed screen, by providing compute power and earning rewards. It gives developers complete permissionless access to compute that is trustless, affordable, and confidential for deploying their applications.

For more information, visit Acurast, follow Acurast on X for updates and join the community on Discord or Telegram.