Acurast Integrates with æternity on Its Level 1 Integration

Acurast is pioneering the world’s largest cloud server in a decentralized and serverless manner. This approach further advances the DePIN narrative, driving innovations in the Web3 space. Acurast is achieving this by adding support for æternity with its so-called Level 1 integration.

3 min readFeb 7, 2024


This integration paves the way for the creation of ‘truly’ decentralized products but also opens up fantastic use cases in the Web3 environment.

æternity developers can now seamlessly integrate on Acurast Level 1, allowing developers within this community to use the Acurast Console and submit job requests conveniently.

æternity — Blockchain for Scalable, Secure, and Decentralized Oracles

æternity is engineered to scale, offering the global public an easily accessible blockchain platform. With numerous innovative functionalities and performance surpassing earlier blockchains, æternity enables its users and community to seamlessly embrace the new era of society, economy, and digital interactions.

The platform introduces oracles, enabling the integration of real-world data into smart contracts, enhancing their functionality and real-world applicability. With a focus on scalability, sustainability, and usability, æternity actively contributes to the evolution of decentralized ecosystems.

Acurast — Decentralized Serverless Cloud

Acurast is harnessing the power of mobile devices, specifically Android phones, to provide computation for critical applications. This effort furthers the DePIN narrative Acurast started in 2022, which the rest of Web3 is catching on to.

Acurast consumers who require computation for their applications, such as price feeds for a DeFi platform, can define their requirements in simple JavaScript. These Acurast jobs are executed in the Trusted Execution Environment of the processor’s device. On the other side are the Acurast Processors — individuals who offer their Android mobile devices for computation.

The processors play a crucial role by offering job output, including Proof-of-Execution, Zero-knowledge execution service, Oracle Services, Verifiable Randomness, and Data-on-Demand for confidential computing.

What Does This Integration Mean for the æternity Community?

Integrating Acurast and æternity will open a new window of opportunities for the æternity developer community.

Developers can utilize Acurast based on their defined needs. For instance, developers wishing to build a GameFi application would require a Verifiable Random Number to determine game outcomes. Similarly, a developer aiming to create DeFi projects can use Acurast to smart contract price feeds from a centralized exchange, fully verifiable and signed from the data source.

How Can æternity Developers Use Acurast?

There are two ways to participate via Acurast: As a Processor or as a Consumer.

  • Consumers or Developers are the ones who require computation for their applications. Consumers can define their requirements in accessible Javascript code and get access to computational resources through the Acurast Orchestrator by being matched with Processors.
  • To get started, follow the guide in the documentation.
  • Acurast Processors, on the other hand, are the infrastructure providers for Acurast’s decentralized serverless cloud. Processors offer their computation of Android mobile devices to Consumers. They process Acurast Jobs and requests from Consumers and get rewarded for this service. To become a Processor, you only need an Android phone and then follow the step-by-step guide. You have the opportunity to earn a 250 cACU incentive for each heartbeating device every month. For additional details about the bootstrapping program, click here.

CryptoCastle Hackweek Aeternity Foundation

The Acurast team will participate on the Judge Panel at the CryptoCastle DeFi and DAO Hackweeks, sponsored by the Aeternity Foundation. This event marks a cutting-edge series of hackathons. These events use the new Acurast integration and focus on revolutionising decentralised finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), with a renewed emphasis on strategically applying Oracles for real-time data in blockchain initiatives.

Find out more information here.

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