Acurast Level 1 integration on Aleph Zero Testnet is now live

The time to build the future of Web3 is upon us, and it is exciting to see Acurast and Aleph Zero leading the charge.

3 min readDec 5, 2023


With the recent launch of the Acurast Level 1 integration on the Aleph Zero Testnet, the stage is set for creating innovative projects boasting unique Web3 use cases.

The Acurast Protocol can seamlessly accept job requests from the Aleph Zero Ecosystem with its new Level 1 integration on the Aleph Zero Testnet, allowing developers within this community to use the Acurast Console conveniently.

Aleph Zero: Transforming Blockchain Infrastructure

At the core of Aleph Zero lies a vision to revolutionize blockchain infrastructure by addressing the limitations that traditional blockchains face. Aleph Zero is founded on scalability, privacy, and security principles.

The platform aims to deploy Web3 apps as fast as legacy solutions. Aleph Zero is a layer 1 that enables teams to deploy scalable, secure, low-cost, and ZK privacy-enhanced products across multiple verticals — from DeFi and gaming to enterprise.

Acurast: Decentralized Serverless Cloud

The Acurast Universe is a platform and protocol designed to enable Web3 projects and enterprises to realize the full potential of universal interoperability. Acurast is the foundation of novel use cases, disrupting the big tech monopoly in the cloud computing industry with mobile phones.

In today’s Web3 space, we can observe that some applications are not fully decentralized, and some still operate like centralized applications. For instance, multi-signatures often involve trust in individual parties, and in many rollups or oracles, multisigs are used to secure billions of assets.

How the Aleph Zero community can Benefit from the integration with Acurast

The collaboration between Aleph Zero and Acurast presents a myriad of possibilities for both communities. By integrating Acurast’s robust Oracle services with Aleph Zero’s scalable infrastructure, users within the Aleph Zero ecosystem can benefit from enhanced data accuracy and reliability.

Acurast’s Oracle services can empower Aleph Zero’s smart contracts by providing access to real-time, verifiable data from various sources. This integration can fortify the functionality of decentralized applications within the Aleph Zero network, offering users a more seamless and trustworthy experience.

Moreover, utilizing Acurast’s oracle services within Aleph Zero’s ecosystem can foster innovation across diverse industries. Whether it’s DeFi protocols requiring precise financial data or supply chain applications relying on accurate logistical information, the collaboration between these entities opens doors for innovations.

How to get started

Getting started with the Acurast Level 1 integration on the Aleph Zero Testnet is a seamless process. Both developers and consumers should navigate to the Acurast console and proceed to either accept a job or request one, depending on their requirements.

Here is a guide to commence your journey with Acurast Level 1 integration.


As Aleph Zero continues to redefine blockchain infrastructure and Acurast remains committed to delivering reliable Oracle services, this collaboration will bring a new era of innovation to the Blockchain community.

The integration of Acurast’s oracle solutions within Aleph Zero’s ecosystem, which is only available on testnet for now, enhances data accuracy and lays the groundwork for broader adoption and real-world applications.

Head over to the Acurast Console to get started now.

If you have questions, reach out via Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.