Acurast: On the Journey of Universal Interoperability

Decentralized applications rely on Web2 and real-world interoperability, while AI and IoT face inaccessibility, Web3 ecosystems themselves are fragmented. With Acurast’s Universal Interoperability, Web3’s full potential is unlocked, fostering cross-chain communication in a universe of interconnected worlds.

4 min readMay 15, 2023


The current state of Web3 depicts a fragmented landscape that faces significant challenges when attempting to interact with other realms. Interoperability, a crucial aspect for permissionless and trustless systems, remains elusive, decentralized applications (dApps) depend on real-world (Web2) interoperability for their use cases.The potential powerhouses of Web3, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), find themselves in a state of inaccessibility within this domain.

These limitations hinder the seamless integration of diverse platforms and restrict the realization of the full potential of Web3. Addressing these issues and fostering cross-chain across various sectors will be instrumental in unleashing the transformative capabilities of Web3.

Interconnecting these worlds through the Acurast Universe

Acurast is a permissionless and decentralized blockchain, orchestrating and scheduling participants’ intentions within a context of confidential computing. Acurast enables developers to leverage a distributed and highly scalable arbitrary computation engine, tailored to handle even the most security-sensitive tasks.

By leveraging Acurast, projects, and enterprises gain the ability to interoperate securely, overcoming the limitations imposed by underlying technologies. This revolutionary platform facilitates seamless collaboration, enabling diverse worlds to communicate and exchange information without compromising security.

Acurast’s approach empowers developers by providing a robust and reliable infrastructure capable of executing complex computations while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. This opens up new avenues for innovation and collaboration, fostering a more interconnected and cohesive ecosystem within the realm of blockchain technology.

Through Acurast’s capabilities, the potential for transformative solutions and advancements in various sectors becomes within reach, offering a powerful tool to address the challenges of interconnectivity and security in the evolving landscape of decentralized systems.

What are the Acurast Architectures?


Acurast Processors actively offer their computational power to Consumers, satisfying their requests for interoperability. In return, these Processors are rewarded by consumers for successfully executing tasks and delivering verifiable results on the designated destination chain. To accomplish this, processors efficiently utilize dedicated Android mobile devices as their off-chain infrastructure. This allows them to quickly onboard new processors within minutes, ensuring a seamless and rapid integration process. The utilization of mobile devices enhances the flexibility and accessibility of the Acurast Processors, enabling them to efficiently meet the computational needs of consumers while maintaining a reliable and user-friendly experience.


Interoperability for decentralized applications is a critical requirement for both consumers and developers. Consumers, as well as developers, actively seek interoperability resources to enhance the functionality and accessibility of their applications. In order to meet this need, consumers have the ability to specify their requirements using easily accessible JavaScript code. Through the Acurast Marketplace, Consumers are then seamlessly connected with Processors who can provide the required computational resources. This streamlined process allows consumers to effortlessly access the necessary tools and services, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of their decentralized applications.


In the Acurast Marketplace, Consumers’ demand for interoperability requests intersects with the supply of computational resources from Processors. Consumers actively reward one or more Processors for successfully fulfilling their requests. Through the Marketplace, an automated matching system connects Consumers and Processors based on predefined parameters set by both parties.

This platform efficiently facilitates the exchange, ensuring that Consumers find suitable Processors who possess the necessary resources to meet their requirements. Consequently, this dynamic ecosystem fosters collaboration and enables seamless interactions between Consumers and Processors, promoting the efficient utilization of computational resources and enhancing overall productivity.

Interoperability Modules

Enterprise — Web2

In the legacy Web2 world, the primary focus is to grant individuals access to public or permissioned APIs and computation. This entails the process of bringing off-chain data and computation onto the chain in a verifiable manner. This practice is commonly referred to as “Oracle,” where individuals rely on this system to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data and computations being integrated into the chain.

Hyperdrive — Web3

Web3 interoperability enables cross-chain communication, collaboration, and integration with other protocols. It allows different blockchain networks to seamlessly interact and share information, fostering a more interconnected and decentralized ecosystem. Through Web3 interoperability, protocols can effectively communicate and collaborate with one another, opening up new possibilities for innovation, scalability, and enhanced functionality in the blockchain space. This integration of multiple protocols enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of decentralized systems.

Singularity — AI

Our platform enables AI interoperability by providing a confidential AI infrastructure. It empowers users to train and utilize AI models with utmost confidentiality and security. By leveraging our technology, organizations can ensure the privacy and protection of their AI initiatives throughout the entire lifecycle, promoting trust and enabling seamless collaboration.

Mesh — IoT

We enable IoT interoperability by integrating with IoT devices and facilitating their seamless interaction with other Acurast modules. By utilizing the mobile hardware, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of their IoT infrastructure in conjunction with our advanced solutions.

In Closing

In the current landscape of Web3, achieving seamless interaction and interoperability between realms remains a significant challenge. However, Acurast is at the forefront of addressing these limitations and fostering a connected ecosystem. By enabling secure and confidential computation, Acurast empowers developers and enterprises to overcome underlying technology barriers and embrace interoperability.