Acurast Processor — the Step-by-Step Guide

Acurast is a smartphone-based serverless cloud DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) on a mission to decentralize the cloud computer space.

6 min readJan 15, 2024


Explore the step-by-step guide further below after the short introduction of Acurast.

Imagine a world where your mobile phone isn’t just a communication device but a part of a vast, unstoppable, decentralized cloud network. Acurast makes this possible, offering everyone the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from this decentralized cloud.

Acurast is part of an exciting new category of decentralised protocols aimed at Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks—in short, DePIN. Join this revolution by onboarding today as an Acurast Processor.

Turn a spare phone into a Cloud Powerhouse with Acurast!

Do you have a spare or partly broken phone lying around? Transform it into a pivotal part of Acurast’s decentralized Cloud. With Acurast, your spare devices, even those with a broken screen, aren’t just idle gadgets; they can become an Acurast Processor within a few minutes. Embrace the future and convert any Android device, new or old, fully functional or slightly damaged, into a source of computational power for Acurast.

Participate and get rewarded

Developers will reward you for each compute task you execute as a Processor. Your only task? Keep the device connected to the internet. It’s a simple yet impactful way to use those old phones.

Join a Worldwide Digital Movement

Join hands with individuals around the globe who are turning their old devices into Acurast farms, reaping rewards by just staying online. This isn’t just a technological shift; it’s a global revolution in cloud computing. Be a part of this change and transform the way the world thinks about and uses old devices. Your unused phone is a gateway to innovation and reward with Acurast. Start today!


1. Step: Make sure your device works with Acurast

Before getting started, make sure you have a device that can be turned into a Processor. Over 660+ Android devices can be turned into a Processor. Find all of them listed here:

Here are some of the supported devices: Google, Lenovo, LGE, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, BlackBerry, Oppo, Panasonic, POCO, Redmi, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Zebra and many others.

Your Android device is not on that List? No problem. You can still go ahead and try to onboard it. By following the guide, you will quickly find out if your device is compatible.

2. Step: Reset your Android device

  1. You need to start afresh to turn your device into a dedicated processor. For this you need to factory reset it. Follow the instructions to do this (please note this can be slightly different from device to device):
    Tap Apps > Tap Settings > Tap Backup and reset > Tap Factory data reset > Tap Reset Device > Tap Erase Everything
  2. It’s that easy. For now, put these devices aside — do not set them up yet.
  3. Keep the phone on the ‘Welcome’ screen and do not proceed with the setup. Now, set it aside.
Leave the device aside once you see this screen.

3. Step: Setup a Polkadot Wallet

Most wallets allow you to create a generic Polkadot address supported by Acurast. We recommend you do this via the Talisman wallet. If you already have an Acurast address, you can jump to the next chapter.

  1. Download the Talisman wallet.
  2. In any view of the Talisman browser extension, choose Add Account from the sidebar, click New Account, and then select Polkadot.

3. Enter your preferred account name and click CREATE. The extensions will open your newly created account and display the name at the top left.

4. Click on the three dots next to SEND / RECEIVE and choose COPY ADDRESS.

5. Choose Substrate (Generic) and filter the list to find the item if necessary.

6. In the popup, click COPY ADDRESS. We recommend pasting and storing the address somewhere for later use.

4. Step: Let’s fund the account with the Acurast Faucet

If you have followed the steps above, you should now have your address ready to be copied into the Acurast Faucet (

If not, please follow along:

  1. Click on the Talisman extension icon on the web browser to connect your wallet. Then select your Acurast Account. Then select the COPY ADDRESS icon on the top. As shown in the images below

2. Now, make sure you select the Substrate (Generic) address.

3. Paste the address in the “Acurast Canary Address” dialogue box and complete CAPTCHA.

4. You are almost there: Claim your cACU by clicking on the “Get some cACU” button. That’s it!

5. Step: Get logged into the Acurast Console

  1. Head over to the Acurast Console, log in at the top right, and select your wallet (if you have followed along, select Talisman)
  2. Select DEVICE from the left menu bar on the overview page and then select ADD NEW DEVICE to connect your dedicated device to the Acurast Console.

3. You will now be prompted with a setup QR code — Keep it open.

Last Step: Setup Acurast on the device

If you have followed along, your phone should now be on the ‘Welcome’ screen. If it’s not, please reset it by following these steps: Tap Apps > Tap Settings > Tap Backup and reset > Tap Factory data reset > Tap Reset Device > Tap Erase Everything.

The welcome screen will look similar to the screenshots above (Depending on the device you are using)
  1. To activate the QR scanner, tap the screen times quickly — do this anywhere on the screen.
  2. Scan the QR Code displayed on the Acurast Console page. The device will now set itself up and download the Acurast Devices Manager.
  3. Follow the phone setup instructions and connect it to your Wi-Fi.
  4. Go through the onboarding process prompted on the device.
The setup processes will look similar to the screenshots above (Depending on the device you are using)

5. After you follow along, Acurast will set itself up, and you will see the main Acurast screen. Now, make sure you keep the device connected to a power source.

6. After the device is set up, it will be displayed in the console within the next minute — if it takes longer, refresh the page. If you see the green checkmark next to attestation, you are setup

That’s it!

Awesome, your device is now set up and ready to accept Jobs. Keep your device powered up and connected to the internet to receive and fulfill Jobs.

Read the French version, translated by a member of our community.