Acurast Welcomes Mayhem Nodes as Data Transmitter

29th of December 2022: Bangkok — Zug: Mayhem Nodes is excited to announce that it has become a Data Transmitter for the Acurast service.

2 min readDec 29, 2022


In mid 2022, Acurast enables off-chain data access for developers across different ecosystems like Polkadot, Tezos, NEAR and others.

Data Transmitters are providing developers with their computations and processing Acurast Jobs in the dependable Acurast Trusted Virtual Machine which is powered by trusted Trusted Execution Environments (TEE).

It’s anticipated that Mayhem Nodes will supply real world data like price feeds to DeFi projects, with Acurast handling the off-chain market data. Excitingly, this means users of these Dapps benefit from secure and trusted services.

Cody, Co-Founder of Mayhem Nodes:

“Polkadot needs reliable off-chain data feeds in order to build the robust primitives required to support healthy ecosystem growth. Acurast has developed a unique protocol that allows these off-chain data feeds to be effectively decentralized, blockchain agnostic, and accessible on-chain to the community through their marketplace, allowing everyday crypto users to get involved and earn rewards for their effort.”

Alessandro DeCarli, Acurast co-founder:

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Mayhem Nodes aboard Acurast as a Data Transmitter. A top-tier infrastructure provider with unrivaled advanced engineering capabilities, Mayhem Nodes are allowing global institutions the ability to explore the world of blockchain technology. We feel honored and proud to join forces with Mayhem Nodes, and we wholeheartedly thank them for placing their trust in our robust security model.”

About Mayhem Nodes

Mayhem Nodes provides professional-grade, reliable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) infrastructure focused on supporting projects building in the Polkadot ecosystem at any stage of development by operating blockchain infrastructure critical for decentralization. We offer the dependability of industry-grade security so our dedicated nodes allow teams to focus less on maintaining networks, and more on shipping products.

For more information, visit the Mayhem Nodes website.

About Acurast

The Web3 revolution is here and Acurast is leading the way, offering a groundbreaking multi-chain application ecosystem dedicated to making data delivery effortless and accessible. Join us on our journey in crafting the future of real-world data — let’s build together!

For more information, read Acurast’s documentation here.