Acurast-Yupana Finance: How Yupana Finance Uses Acurast For its Off-Chain Price Feeds

The past few years have seen Web3 be defined as a novel iteration of the web. However, we at Acurast see things slightly differently. We see Web3 as a frontier that can thrive off the gold of Web2 — data.

What is Yupana Finance?

How Yupana Finance Uses Acurast

How does the process look like?

  • Data supplied by Acurast is sourced from different points. However, to effectively serve the data needs of Yupana Finance, Acurast transmitters execute requests by leveraging their technical SQL knowledge to get the finance-related from global public databases.
  • The data are sourced, structured and made ready for use by Yupana Finance on the Tezos blockchain.
  • To ensure the verifiability of the output, Acurast relies on so called Data transmitters. they process and compute the data in a trusted execution environment on their hardware.
  • The Acurast protocol is responsible to process the verified data and streamline it to the Web3 world where the off-chain data can now be used by yupana for their Defi Platform … etc.

Other Top use cases for Acurast

Value monitoring

Data security

Data vending

Decentralized finance (DeFi)




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