Acurast’s Off-Chain Data And Computation On EVM

Acurast introduces compatibility with EVM environment and gains the ability to push off-chain data and computation directly to EVM smart contracts.

2 min readFeb 16, 2023


Acurast already supports Tezos natively and Substrate-based chains from the Polkadot ecosystem through the integration of the Acurast Receiver Pallet.

Support for EVM environments was only possible in Parachains that integrated the Pallet, the Pallet would receive the output of Acurast Data Transmitters and then forward it to the EVM environment.

Direct Communication with EVM environments

With the integration of EVM compatibility, Data Transmitters become enabled to provide their output of Acurast Jobs that fetch off-chain data or perform computation within the Trusted Execution Environment of the transmitters, directly to EVM smart contracts.

Deployment on Moonrivers Moonbase Alpha

An example contract that can accept the output of Data Transmitters has been deployed to Moonriver’s Moonbase Alpha testnet. The Acurast Job used in this contract fetches a USD price for an asset.

Use Cases

Through this integration developers become empowered to define their requirements for off-chain data or computation in code and consume it in a EVM smart contract. This can be used for example for:

  • Price Feeds
  • Verifiable Randomness
  • API Calls
  • Computation

And many other use cases.

About Acurast

The Next Wave of Web3 is here. A real-world data source built with innovation, ingenuity, and integrity. Acurast transforms data delivery with a multi-chain first application ecosystem where communication is easy, effortless, and accessible. Let’s build… together.

For more information, read Acurast’s documentation here.