Football World Championship: One of the exciting use cases of Acurast

Getting verifiable and trustless sport results through Acurast to be used in a decentralized sports platform.

3 min readNov 18, 2022


The innovations brought about by the blockchain technology are exciting, ranging from cryptocurrency, Defi and NFTs.

However, a lot of people are critical of the space due to their knowledge use-cases that the blockchain technology enables.

But this changes with Acurast as it completely reimagines the concept of Web3 by bringing exciting use-cases of blockchain technology to solve problems.

Good news for sport enthusiast!

Are you a sport enthusiast interested in the blockchain industry? Then an anonymous team has built an exciting thing for you, utilizing Acurast.. The project showcases a fully decentralized application that is hosted on ipfs, uses as tzkt as a middleware and the only backend is the smart contract.

The football world championship is starting in Qatar on the 20th of November. 32 teams are competing to become the world champion in the most prestigious football tournament in the world.

A total of 64 matches will be played in Qatar to determine the champion of the world. As a sport lover, you should be rewarded for your passion think the “Pump Fiction” team.

Here comes FlaminGoals!

FlaminGoals is a sport betting platform on the Tezos blockchain where rewards are a share of a pot that came together through the sale of tickets for each team.

As a participants you are expected to choose a country that you believe is likely to win the World Championship and mint an NFT at the stated price with tez. NFTs “Non-Fungible Tokens” are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identifiers and metadata, these NFTs are used like a ticket.

For example if you believe Brazil is likely to win the world championship, you’ll mint an NFT for the Brazilian team.

At the end of the competition if Brazil wins, you’ll get a share of the tez in the pool divided with all the rest of the Brazil believers.

What has this to do with Acurast?

The betting platform’s smart contract has to be aware of which team has in the end won the world championship. In theory the platform could just have a functionality to manually set a winner on the smart contract through the anonymous team that has developed this platform.

But would you participate if there are a lot of tez and indirectly money in that pot if you know that someone could game the system?

Probably not, especially if we are talking about larger amounts. That’s why this team has selected Acurast. Through Acurast they can access one or more trusted sources such as Wikipedia to establish the winner of the football world championship.

The script being executed by the Data Transmitters of Acurast can be found linked in the Tezos smart contract. The complete script can be found on ipfs here.

In the end the winner is being provided trustlessly and verifiably by Acurast to the FlaminGoals smart contract on the Tezos blockchain. And the holders of the NFTs of the winning team can claim their share of the pot.

About Acurast

The Next Wave of Web3 is here. A real world data source built with innovation, ingenuity, and integrity. Acurast transforms the delivery of data with a multi-chain first application ecosystem where communication is easy, effortless, and accessible. Let’s build… together.

For more information, read Acurast’s documentation here.

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