How to get your Acurast Canary Wallet funded and participate in the Network

Acurast has recently launched its Canary Network and is extending an invitation to access its Faucet, allowing you to create and fund an Acurast wallet and engage as a Processor or Developer.

4 min readSep 14, 2023


In this guide, we will explain how you can become a part of Acurast and earn cACU tokens on the Acurast Canary network.

cACU Token Distribution

Every hour the Acurast Faucet hands out up to 4 cACU Tokens. The first user in that hour to request tokens receives the first 2 tokens, the second 1 token, the third 0.5 token, etc. until all of the 4 available cACU Tokens have been requested. This is called an asymptotic function and is a method of describing limiting behavior. More on this can be found here.

With this being said there is a total of 672 cACU Tokens available per week. So, be smart, be quick, and get to know the functionalities and possibilities of Acurast.

To begin, you’ll need to create an Acurast address:

Most wallets allow the creation of a generic polkadot address that is supported by Acurast, for now, we will guide you through via the Talisman wallet. You can jump to the next chapter if you already have an Acurast address.

Download the Talisman Wallet extension if you have not already here. In any view of the Talisman browser extension, choose Add Account from the sidebar and click New Account, then select Polkadot.

Follow the video guide or follow the written step-by-step guide further down below.

Step-by-step guide

Enter your preferred name and click Create. The extensions will open up your newly created account and show the name on the top-left. Click on the three dots next to Send/Receive and choose Copy address.

Choose Substrate (Generic), and filter the list to find the item if necessary. In the popup, click Copy Address.

We recommend pasting and storing the address somewhere for later use. Once you have your Acurast address set up, the first thing to do is head to the Acurast social engagement Faucet.

Let’s get started with the Acurast Faucet

If you have followed the steps above, you should now have your address ready to be copied into the Faucet bar.

If not, please follow along:
Click on the Talisman extension icon on the web browser to connect your wallet. Then select your Acurast Account. Then select the Copy Address icon on the top. As shown in the images below

Now make sure you select the Substrate (Generic) address.

Paste the address in the “Acurast Canary address” dialogue box and complete CAPTCHA

Claim your cACU by clicking on the “Get some cACU” button. That’s it!

What to do next?

Become a Processor and start earning Acurast for providing infrastructure or use said infrastructure as a Developer.