Introducing the Acurast Processor Bootstrapping Program:
Participate now and receive up to 250 cACU Tokens of monthly incentive for each device

Hesitant about becoming an Acurast Processor? We have something exciting to share that could change your mind! We’re excited to present the Acurast Processor Bootstrapping Program, offering exclusive advantages for Acurast Processors.

3 min readJan 18, 2024


The Processors are the backbone of the Acurast decentralized serverless cloud network, providing the Secure Hardware infrastructure used by Developers for the decentralized serverless cloud. Use cases include confidential computing, verifiable price feeds, verifiable random numbers, privacy-preserving API calls, and much more.

To build a powerful community of Processors, the Acurast protocol is incentivizing active processors with up to 250 cACU Tokens per month, per device. This incentive is an addition to the rewards received through the executing jobs. This is exciting news not only for existing Processors but especially for those who want to join the network as an Acurast Processor.

A single person can have multiple Processors running at the same time. Users like @djangobits for example are running farms of 20+ devices all managed by the same account. This makes him eligible for up to 250 x 20 =5000 cACU Tokens per month. On top of this, he will get paid for the jobs that his devices are executing.

Make sure to act quickly since the Acurast Processor Bootstrapping Program will not last forever.

What do I need to become an Acurast Processor?

Not much is required — almost everybody can participate:

  • A spare Android device: Cracked screens won’t hinder you from using a phone as an Acurast Processor — the protocol only requires its secure hardware. Second-hand devices are available for around $15, or check your drawer; you might still have some old-fitting devices.
  • An internet connection and power: No worries your device will not consume much bandwidth — The device will just send out a heartbeat every 15 minutes and since the chips of devices are very efficient, the energy consumption is very low. The Acurast protocol takes care of everything else.
  • 10 minutes setup time: To set up a device it only takes 5–10 minutes. Just follow the guide below.

Once you’ve set up a Processor device, it will automatically receive job assignments based on your specified settings.

Now over 600 Android devices can become Acurast Processors

Previously only Google Pixel devices were eligible to become Acurast Processors. This was limiting for some people because in some regions Pixel devices are hard to get and in other cases, the increase in interest in Acurast led to a drained second-hand market.

Finally, you can leverage the power of most Android devices. With the start of the new year, this has changed! Now over 600 Android models device seamlessly function as Acurast Processors. Check if yours is compatible, in doubt just reach out over our social channels.

Are you concerned about the expenses associated with buying a new phone? Never mind that. You can recycle your old Android phone — regardless of its condition, whether it’s shaking, has a cracked screen, or has button issues. It can be used as a Processor; what the Acurast Protocol cares about is the secure hardware.

How to Become a Processor

What you need to do to become a Participant is as simple as ABC. A total of 4 steps have to be taken — each of those will take no longer than 2 minutes.

  1. Make sure your Android device works with Acurast and is factory reset.
  2. Create a Polkadot Wallet & Address
  3. Get your starting funds via the Acurast Faucet
  4. Setup the device by scanning a QR-Code

Now it’s your turn to get started by following the Step-by-Step Guide.

Or watch the Step by Step video Guide:

Having some questions?

Have a look at our documentation to educate yourself and make sure to join our Telegram or Discord channels to become part of the community!