Madfish joins Acurast As Data Transmitter

16th of November 2022: Kyiv — Zug: Madfish is pleased to announce that it has joined Acurast service as a Data Transmitter.

Kornii Vasylchenko, CTO at Madfish

“Madfish, the core developer in the Tezos DeFi ecosystem, found Acurast to be a key solution for providing reliable on-chain oracle data. To support the initiative, we at Madfish decided to become one of the data transmitters on Acurast to make our contribution to their noble mission.

Alessandro DeCarli, Acurast co-founder:

“Madfish has been pioneering DeFi on Tezos since the very early days. With the launch of Quipuswap Madfish managed to provide the community with the first active AMM on Tezos. We are proud to be onboarding Madfish as data transmitter and data consumer for their open-source non-custodial lending platform Yupana. I’m honoured to have this outstanding tech team and innovator join our community.”

About Madfish

About Acurast



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