Nodle Partners with Acurast to Enable Its Users to Run Decentralized Compute Applications

With the new forthcoming Acurast ‘Smart Mission’, Nodle app users can earn additional rewards by sharing their smartphone’s compute resources

3 min readJun 25, 2024


Acurast, a decentralized serverless cloud physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that enables decentralized, permissionless, and trustless compute on smartphones, is partnering with Nodle, the largest decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) on zkSync.

In the weeks ahead, Acurast will deploy a smart mission in Nodle’s apps, leveraging Nodle’s growing user base of hundreds of thousands of monthly active users (MAU). Acurast will reward Nodle app users in exchange for the compute power of their smartphones. This partnership will enable the Nodle Network to become a massive decentralized computer that connects and verifies reality.

Acurast’s smart mission atop the Nodle Network allows users to share their compute resources quickly and easily. While many projects (ex. Akash) have built decentralized compute infrastructure, these projects require desktop computers or large servers that support containerized environments. Nodle app users can participate right from their smartphones to activate the Acurast smart mission and share their computing resources. This opportunity opens up access to resources that, up until now, have remained untapped and opens access to smartphone owners worldwide.

Acurast takes a “serverless” approach to cloud computing, allowing smartphones to participate in a decentralized computing infrastructure. Smartphones are generally the first to receive the most advanced chips but also contain advanced secure hardware modules and even AI acceleration chips. Acurast currently supports Javascript and NodeJS serverless applications and recently announced support for Google Pixel’s Mobile AI TPU accelerator.

Pascal Brun, Acurast’s Co-Founder, says, “We believe that smartphones not only benefit from the latest chips and are more power efficient but can also provide a more cost-effective way to provide compute to the world.” He believes that by using old smartphones (many of whose chips are still more advanced than current production server racks) and now extending to everyday phones, Acurast can create a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly compute infrastructure.

Today, Acurast is being used by tzBTC, the first to mint wrap Bitcoin in a fully decentralized method with a TVL of 1000+ BTC, taking advantage of Acurast’s decentralized computing.

As smartphones become more powerful (receiving the latest and most powerful chips), and as centralized app stores are forced to open up, DePINs like Nodle open a new era of more secure, decentralized, and environmentally friendly computing.

The Acurast smart mission enables Nodle to advance its long term vision to leverage a global smartphone infrastructure. This opportunity opens up access to valuable resources that up until now have remained untapped and makes it possible to decentralize AI computing.” said Micha Benoliel, the CEO and co-founder of Intergalactic Labs, the lead developer of Nodle.

Together, Nodle and Acurast are paving the path for the future of decentralized mobile-first computing, leveraging the estimated 8 billion smartphones globally.

About Nodle

Nodle is a digital trust network for social good that connects the world by using smartphones as nodes to create a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) for real-world use cases.

The Nodle Network is built on zkSync, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. Nodle is decentralized, private, secure, and scalable, making it perfect for digital witnesses, smart missions, and micro-transactions. With its proprietary ContentSign technology and global reach in 193 countries, Nodle empowers developers to build unique applications for things like sourcing trusted digital content, locating assets, or accessing remote sensors.

Nodle recently launched the Click Camera app to establish proof of provenance for media and certify the authenticity of user-generated content. Anyone with a smartphone can join the Nodle network today. Download Nodle on iOS or Android and visit us at

About Acurast

Acurast is the serverless, decentralized cloud where anyone can become part of the cloud with their mobile phone, whether new, used, or even with a smashed screen, by providing compute power and earning rewards. It gives developers complete permissionless access to compute that is trustless, affordable, and confidential for deploying their applications.