Off-Chain Data And Computation For The Polkadot Ecosystem With Acurast’s Oracle Pallet

17th of November 2022: Zug: Acurast is excited to announce its launch of the Acurast Pallet, enabling chains in the Dotsama ecosystem to receive verifiable off-chain data and computation.

2 min readNov 17, 2022

Acurast has reimagined the concept of bringing off-chain data and computation on-chain, creating a platform where developers can access real world data and computation within their applications by leveraging trusted execution environments.

The Acurast Oracle Pallet

With the launch of the Acurast Pallet every Substrate-based chain gets access to the Acurast Trusted Virtual Machine enabling developers to define their requirements in-code that are executed by Data Transmitters, the output a proof that allows the verifiability of the computation is communicated to the Pallet.

The Pallet itself adds support for the required cryptographic curve of the Trusted Execution Environment and enables the Substrate chain to receive the outputs of the transmitters. Additionally, it enables the communicate over XCMP to the Acurast Marketplace, which will become available when the Acurast Protocol is launched on Kusama and later on Polkadot. This communication enables developers on chains with the Pallet integration to create Acurast Jobs for the marketplace. Through these jobs, developers will be matched with Data Transmitters willing to execute the script of the developer.

Price Feeds, Verifiable Randomness, Computation

The use cases that can be covered are only limited by the imagination of the developers. Through Acurast, developers can for example get access to price feeds from centralized exchanges, access to proof of reserves on certain accounts, price feeds from decentralized exchanges. As well as permissioned accessed to data available on private APis.

The Acurast Trusted Virtual Machine also allows for computation such as verifiable random numbers, computations on the data received from price feeds and much more.

Let’s build… together.

The Benefits of Acurast


The Acurast platform is verifiable and secured through technology and cryptography, supporting the ideology of Web3. We don’t rely on one central party, but one where decentralization is at the core.


Get off-chain data or computation for your use case without centralized approvals and develop without restriction. How and where to get data or calculations is completely up to the developers.

Want to get started as a developer?

More details on the integration of the Acurast Pallet:

Some examples of scripts:

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