What is a Data Consumer?

Any Web3 developer is a potential Acurast data consumer, as they need data or computation to facilitate better development on whatever blockchain they choose.

4 min readDec 8, 2022


Systems and applications using data collected and stored by another infrastructure are data consumers. Given this definition, everyone is a data consumer.

Web2 saw the rise and peak status of centralized data collectors and storage. However, owing to blockchain’s decentralization, the reality is different in Web3.

The differential characteristics of the Web3 ecosystem become even more pronounced thanks to the development of multi-chains. Hence, data collection, storage, and consumption in Web3 varies from what Web2 offers.

Blockchain’s Data Management

Data on the blockchain is not centralized, and with the growing innovations that have led to different development layers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage off-chain data.

So far, enough attention has been not paid to ensuring that decentralized data on the blockchain is made easily accessible, which does as much harm as good as it does. It is, however, important for blockchain startups to have insight towards development.

Unfortunately, as evident by the growth of Web2 infrastructures over the past decades, access to data is vital to infrastructure and business growth. Not being able to exactly identify users’ needs greatly hampers the growth of web3 infrastructures.

If an infrastructure fully follows the tenets of decentralization, working with credible off-chain user data and insight is bound to be difficult. The workaround for this, so far, has been the semi-decentralization approach to building on the blockchain, where off-chain data can still be collected and leveraged via integrated centralized systems.

However, this is not helping fully decentralized infrastructures scale. Hence, the need for a platform that bridges the data needs of Web3. This is where Acurast comes in.

Importance of Off-Chain-to-On-Chain Data Bridges

The web has always reflected the real world, irrespective of its versions. Hence, there’s no shying away from the fact that businesses and developers will need insight into users to create valuable products.

Acurast has redefined the idea of data consumption in Web3. By creating a platform where developers can access real-world data within their decentralized applications via its streamlined marketplace that offers trusted execution environments.

Beyond solving the data needs of web3 applications, Acurast also proffers solutions to the internal incompatibility of blockchains. Owing to this ability to work with multiple chains, there’s no limit to where and how developers can build their applications.

As long as blockchain infrastructures are built, off-chain data and computation will always be needed to get more user on-chain.

Who are Acurast Data Consumers?

Any Web3 developer is a potential Acurast data consumer, as they need data or computation to facilitate better development on whatever blockchain they choose. Getting started as an Acurast data consumer is easy, as you only need to define your in-code data requirements, state the reward and SLA, and Data transmitters would take it up.

Acurast’s Blockchain Data Consumers And Transmitters

Acurast finds use cases in several industries, which include DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and any other blockchain platform, irrespective of the industry.

Data Consumer


youves is a data consumer on Acuarst platform. youves is a decentralised, self-governing and non-custodial platform for the creation and management of synthetic assets that are secured by eligible collateral. The platform and its smart contracts are built on the Tezos blockchain.

Yupana Finance

Yupana Finance is an open-source platform leveraging data acquired on the Acurast Marketplace to bolster its open-source Tezos-based lending platform. On Yupana Finance, users can borrow and lend via the smart contracts designed by the creators of the Temple and QuipuSwap DEX.


objkt.com is one of the most popular and largest NFT marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain. It is a hub for creators where they can mint, list, buy, and sell their unique NFTs. Creators can connect the platform using any of the supporting Tezos wallets. objkt.com have also used Acurast for specific NFT drop from the artist jjjjjjhon.

Data Transmitter


A platform developed to help users manage digital assets, Taurus has recently collaborated with Acurast to offer their computation to developers, subsequently giving developers access to Acurast’s data. Upon coming on board as a data transmitter, Taurus will foster the decentralization of data provided by Acurast. This aids the “independence of off-chain data used in the industry (blockchain).”


MadFish is a blockchain technology company that develops open-source projects for the DeFi ecosystem. Some of their products are Temple wallet, QuipuSwap, and Yupana.Finance. Madfish Believes that decentralized solutions will change the world.