Become an Acurast Ambassador — Applications Are Now Open

2023 just came to an end. We hope you are ready to set goals for this new year. As we kickstart into 2024, we’d like to start with some exciting news. Today, we officially announce the Acurast Ambassador Program.

3 min readFeb 2, 2024


Our Ambassadors represent Acurast by speaking at conferences, organizing meetups, fulfilling quests, and participating in exclusive Ambassador events.

Our program will start with 8 ambassadors. Each ambassador will be assigned a headstart to become a regional lead.

We are looking to expand our community efforts and welcome submissions from all over the world.

Application process

The application to become an Acurast Ambassador will be released on February 2nd. The application process will remain open until February 14th (or until the form receives 1000 submissions), and ambassadors will be accepted and announced on February 16th.

Please submit the Ambassador application form only once. Multiple submissions will result in both applications being disqualified. Make sure to complete the onboarding test as well.

  • February 2nd — Application release: Here is the form
  • February 14th — Application closes
  • February 16th — Ambassadors selected and the program starts

Selection process

When applying to become an Ambassador, you must complete a simple verification process at the beginning of your application. After the verification, we will request information about your involvement with Acurast, your preferred social media platforms, your professional background / CV, and your preferred style of tasks.

Providing detailed information about your prior experiences in the crypto space and your passions will allow our team to assess your skill sets and compatibility with our mission accurately.

The ambassador application process will be highly selective, with approximately 8 individuals becoming ambassadors in the first round of applicants. These individuals will be selected from regions around the world and will be in constant contact with members of Acurast team through dedicated Discord channels and ambassador calls.

We want you.

Acurast is seeking individuals who are:

  • Passionate about disrupting the current cloud monopoly with an unstoppable decentralized cloud. Identifying with the core values of Acurast, reliable and trustworthy
  • Skilled in marketing, community building/management, writing, coding, video creation, or have other relevant skills
  • Eager to connect with like-minded people of various backgrounds and to dive deeper into an exciting Decentralised Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) project.

Tasks and responsibilities, among other things:

  • Educate, grow, and engage with the Acurast community
  • Support new users with the onboarding of their processors. Here is a step-by-step guide.
  • Help with the definition and control of quests on our loyalty platform
  • Develop various types of content (e.g. articles, Twitter/Linkedin threads, videos, and memes)
  • Translate content into different languages
  • Ensure accurate representation of Acurast on social media platforms (e.g. answer community questions accurately)
  • Commitment of at least 2 hours per week to promote Acurast
  • Early-Superuser on Acurast protocol functionalities, including feedback from an end-user perspective

Is that you? Then apply here!

Your Opportunity

The opportunities for Acurast Ambassadors will be plentiful. There will be baseline tasks to complete to maintain your ambassador status. These tasks will be heavily tailored to individual ambassadors and customized as ambassadors find their place within the Acurast team.

These tasks can range from simple article translation to full-fledged content creation. Acurast tokens will be awarded based on the difficulty and quality of task completion.

Details on reward amounts and specific tasks will be communicated to ambassadors after the initial round of 8 ambassadors has been selected and onboarded.

Future Plans

As the ambassador program grows, we plan on bringing a selection of ambassadors to Acurast-sponsored conferences/events, conducting future rounds of applications to expand the program, and specifying additional tasks.

The Acurast ambassador program will evolve with the needs of the network. We are excited to onboard the inaugural ambassadors that will act as an extension of our team. We look forward to working side-by-side with those ambassadors to achieve our goals of transforming the global standard of culture and finance. This is only the beginning.

Want to become an ambassador? Then apply here!