Acurast 2023 year in review

In 2023, Acurast achieved significant milestones, advancing our mission of creating innovative Web3 projects with unique use cases.

3 min readDec 28, 2023


There are manifold problems in the cloud computing space, such as high pricing, data centralization by big tech companies, opaque policies, and volatile pricing structures leading to unpredictable costs.

Acurast, as a platform, is specifically designed to address these issues, thereby playing a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future for Web3.

This article will spotlight our accomplishments in the second half of the year. Here is a summary of what Acurast achieved in the year’s first half.

Major Updates

We have some major updates and announcements in the second half of the year that have made Acurast a decentralized, serverless cloud — the go-to solution for many developers to gain access to data securely without any centralized party involved.

Here are the major updates

Acurast Tezos Native Integration

After the successful launch of Canary Phase 1, Acurast moved from Ghostnet to Mainnet on the Tezos Blockchain. This integration showcased Acurast’s commitment to providing advanced blockchain services, integrating Web2 and other emerging technologies, and ensuring innovation within the Tezos ecosystem.

Acurast X Confidential Computing Consortium

We were proud to be a part of the Confidential Computing Consortium.

This further strengthened our vision of securing data in use and accelerated the adoption of confidential computing through open collaboration.

It had been a great achievement to be in the company of projects like Google, Meta, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia & others.

The Acurast Canary is Now Live

Acurast proudly announced the launch of the Canary Pre-Net and invited developers and processors to actively participate in that incentivized Canary network.

Acurast Builders Program

The Acurast Builders program is a developer-first program designed to nurture talented builders developing apps utilizing Acurast to their advantage, focused on novel projects that leverage Acurast as an added value.

Oracle Ecosystem Initiative confirmed

The Oracle Ecosystem Initiative received confirmation via Polkadot’s On-chain Treasury. The confirmation of the initiative shows the significance of Acurast in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Below is a list of other major updates

Base Network Now on Acurast

Acurast now supports the Ethereum Ecosystem

Substrate Builders program milestone

Acurast Console now supports subwalletapp

Acurast X Aleph__Zero Integration

Community Education

Community plays an integral role in our vision at Acurast. Within the Web3 ecosystem, there’s a pressing need to develop additional use cases and establish connections with other emerging technologies. Achieving this hinges on building a community of individuals who have belief in our products and their potential to build a sustainable future for Web3.

We organized a series of online Meetups via Twitter Space and Webinars. However, the most impactful gatherings were our physical meetups where we had the opportunity to connect with new individuals — Acurast Consumers and Processors.

Here are the highlights of the events attended:


TezDev23 in Paris

Sub0 Polkadot Developer Conference

Token2049 in Singapore


Cryptoexpo Milan



Here are the highlights of the webinar and online events:

Polkadot Community Call

Polkadot Insider AMA



Standup Insider

Acurast on Tezos X Space

Kusamarian AAG

Summer X Space

Become a Processor

Become an Acurast Processor today by visiting the Acurast console to set up your device. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn 250 cACU per month!


In the year 2023, the Acurast team, with the invaluable support of our esteemed community, has achieved significant progress in our pursuit of building a sustainable future for web3.

Acurast plans to expand its integration beyond pixel devices, aiming to embrace further developments.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Acurast. Together, we will forge ahead, to build a stronger future for Web3 enthusiasts worldwide.

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