Acurast and Polkadot: Uniting for a Stronger Web3 Ecosystem

A Sincere Thank You to the Polkadot Community — As we reflect on the recent journey of Acurast within the Polkadot ecosystem, we feel immense gratitude.

4 min readJan 25, 2024


The overwhelming support for our “Oracle Ecosystem Initiative” proposal, which received an astounding 89.1% approval rate, is not just a number. It symbolizes trust, belief, and a shared vision for a decentralized future. We are deeply thankful to each member of the Polkadot community for their faith in us and our mission.

The Critical Intersection of Acurast and Polkadot

The blockchain world is evolving, and with it, the challenges it faces. One such challenge within the Polkadot ecosystem has been establishing a reliable Oracle solution. Our proposal, the “Oracle Ecosystem Initiative,” sought to address this by introducing a decentralized, trustless oracle solution that leverages secure hardware and advanced cryptography. This initiative marks a significant step towards solving the “Achilles’ heel” of public blockchains and is crucial for complex economic interactions dependent on external data. Acurast’s innovative solutions enhance Polkadot’s architectural strengths, bringing a new level of reliability and functionality to the ecosystem.

Become part of the decentralized Oracle and help build it up by becoming an Acurast Processor

We kindly invite active members of the Polkadot community to help us provide the Oracle network mentioned in Referendum 312. Besides receiving the rewards mentioned for your service as a Processor, you will play an important role in the oracle's decentralization, resilience, and security. If you would like to participate and help us in this endeavor, please reach out to Participating is easy and will only require you to onboard an Acurast Processor (step-by-step guide).

As a bonus, you will, of course, be eligible for the currently ongoing ‘Acurast Processor Bootstrapping Program’ We hope to welcome you soon as a Processor! Better together.

How to Become a Processor

What you need to do to become a Participant is as simple as ABC. A total of 5 steps have to be taken — each of those will take no longer than 2 minutes.

  1. Take a spare Android smartphone and factory reset the device. Make sure your Android device is one of the devices listed here:
  2. Setup Polkadot SUBSTRATE (GENERIC) address
  3. Connect your wallet to the Acurast Console
  4. Get Tokens from the Acurast Faucet
  5. Scan the QR code displayed by the Acurast Console with your Android device. And that's it — You’re now a Processor!

Now it’s your turn to get started by following the Step-by-Step Guide. Or watch the Step by Step Video Guide.

Acurast Explained: Pioneering the Oracle Ecosystem with Mobile Technology

Acurast stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the oracle space in blockchain technology. Our unique approach involves harnessing the power of mobile devices, specifically Android mobile phones, to provide computation for critical applications.

Acurast consumers, who require computation for their applications such as Polkadot price feeds for a DeFi platform, can define their requirements in simple JavaScript. These are the Acurast jobs, which are executed in the Trusted Execution Environment of the processor’s device. On the other side are the Acurast Processors — individuals who offer their Android mobile devices for computation.

This dynamic creates a powerful and versatile oracle ecosystem within Web3. The processors provide not just the output of the job, but also a proof of execution to the defined destination chain. This innovative approach enables a vast spectrum of use cases, ranging from Oracle services to confidential computing, all available within the Acurast ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

Our vision for this collaboration is wider than the present. We see a future filled with endless possibilities, where Acurast and Polkadot continue to break new ground together. This partnership is just the beginning of a long and fruitful journey, and we are excited to explore what lies ahead. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will shape the future.

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